Brian Dion



My name is Brian Dion and I am now retired. I have always loved being out and about taking photos, its the feeling you get inside as that magical moment in time appears in front of you. I try to take photos that please the eye, the mind and my imagination and feel lucky to know that others also enjoy them as much as I do. I used to enter my photographs into competitions but found that you can become guided by the judges comments which makes you start taking photos to please them and not with your gut feelings anymore. Remember, it is you who sees the pictures unfold before you,

the camera only records it, it is your moment in time, so set the camera to what you see and feel. The computer won't be able to do that.

I only shoot in J'peg it works for me. I will be adding new photo's at regular intervals so please return and browse at your leisure.



I have also added some photographs taken by my family members to show that photography is a passion that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. These family photographs are taken by Chloe; aged 8, Jack; aged 12 and Louis; aged 15. I hope you enjoy these photos and others on my website as much as we enjoyed taking them.




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